• Combiner box monitoring (Gilgal 2)

    Fonrich Combiner box monitoring (Gilgal 2) supports 1000V PV system, real-time monitoring of current, voltage, temperature, switch status, etc.,alarm output when data is abnormal, support RS485 or industrial wireless data transmission.

    Combiner Box Monitoring (Gilgal 2) System Connection Diagram

    System Connection Diagram

    Product Advantages

  • Combiner Box Monitoring (Gilgal 2) 1
  • Combiner Box Monitoring (Gilgal 2) 2
  • Combiner Box Monitoring (Gilgal 2)

    Easy To Install:

  • Direct bus access without external power
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Accurate And Stable:

  • Built-in PCB board, high stability
  • 1% accuracy, 2 year warranty
  • Pass EMC electromagnetic compatibility test
  • Multi-function and widely used:

  • The first domestic sales, product application more than 15GW
  • Real-time monitoring of string current, bus voltage, temperature of the combiner box, and lightning arrester and breaker status
  • Local LCD display, dot pattern display, direct observation of the current status of all channels
  • Installation method:

  • Combiner box installed for integration of DC arc monitoring
  • Increase Income

    Precise Monitoring

    Safety Protection

    Main Parameters

    Maximum system voltage
    Maximum number of channels
    Does it support tripping
    Detection current range
    Communication method
    Detection accuracy